Improving cough evaluation.
Empowering doctors and patients.

Revolutionising Cough Monitoring

C-mo is a wearable cough-monitoring device that provides a comprehensive assessment of cough’s distinctive patterns. C-mo facilitates and expedites the diagnosis of respiratory diseases.

“There is an urgent need for a fully automated cough recording

technology that continuously monitors patients in real-time.“

“There is an urgent need for a fully automated cough recording technology that continuously monitors patients in real-time.“

European Respiratory Society, 2019

How C-mo Works

Abnormal Cough

Cough is the earliest and most common symptom in a wide range of medical conditions and the main reason for doctor consultations

Doctor Consultation

An accurate evaluation of cough is essential to prescribe an efficient treatment. C-mo can be prescribed to assist the identification of cough’s specific traits and empower doctors in their diagnosis

C-mo's Monitoring

C-mo can be worn with no alteration to daily habits, monitoring cough’s distinctive patterns throughout the day and night in an effortless, ergonomic way

Detailed Evaluation

The insights that C-mo retrieves can then be analyzed in the form of a detailed report, containing essential information to assist doctors in the diagnosis


Our Unique Solution

Designed For Users

C-mo is an easy-to-use, wearable cough-monitoring device that performs a comprehensive assessment of a patient’s cough, during long periods of time and without interferring with the user’s daily life.

Detailed Cough Assessment

C-mo automatically generates a detailed cough report, containing an in-depth analysis of the patient’s cough. The generated reports can be tailored for individual clinical needs.

Portable and Ergonomic

C-mo is a portable and ergonomic wearable, that does not interfere with the daily life or privacy of the users. C-mo is suitable for all ages (0+).

Long monitoring periods

C-mo allows to monitor the patient’s cough during long periods of time (>24h) with no required interaction, thus enabling to evaluate cough patterns both in the short and long term.

Fully automated analysis

C-mo performs a fully automated analysis of the patient’s cough, presenting results in an easy-to-interpret report. Additionally, the patient’s cough can be assesssed in real-time and wirelessly through C-mo’s software.

Monitoring of cough frequency

C-mo detects cough events and clusters, allowing to monitor and evaluate variations in cough frequency and predominance.

Characterisation of cough

C-mo provides a thorough characterisation of the patient’s cough, namely its type (i.e., wet or dry), the presence of wheeze and an assessment of variations of cough characteristics over time.

Detection of cough patterns

C-mo detects patterns based on the cough’s frequency, type and other external factors, such as the patient’s body temperature and position (e.g., decubitus, standing) and data from external devices.

Our Clinical Validation





Our Medical Partners

Nuno Neuparth

Principal Investigator at CEDOC

Immunoalergologist with 28 years of experience

"As a doctor, it would be fantastic to have a tool to objectively report the cough frequency, intensity and distinctive characteristics. C-mo has a great potential to revolutionise the way cough is approached in today’s clinical practice."

Carlos Robalo Cordeiro

Former Secretary General of the European Respiratory Society (2016-2019)

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra

Pneumologist with 28 years of experience

Cough monitoring is an unmet medical need which is highly relevant and needed. A cough-monitoring such as C-mo will empower doctors in their diagnosis and follow-up of several respiratory diseases, such as asthma, COPD and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Luís Novais

Principal Investigator at CEDOC

Gastroenterologist with 37 years of experience.

“C-mo is an innovative device for the evaluation of patients with cough and with suspect of GERD, allowing to establish temporal relationship between cough and reflux when associated with 24-hour pHmetry/ pH Impedance”

Our Partnerships